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Books Written

The Feeling Machine
The ABC's of Life


 I Wrote The Feeling Machine in 1989 in collaboration with my son Louis Jr, who was in Elementary School and contributed the characters in the book. I wrote the book with my son in mind because I wanted to help him understand how emotions could affect his every day life while in and out of school. I'm happy to say that my son, an aspiring educator is interpreting the very essence of the book he grew up with. Learning about and dealing with anger, love, feelings in general and self-esteem.
It's simple  to the point and informative reading for young and old alike. 



I Wrote The ABC's Of Life (Adversity Builds Character)  in 1998 as a wake up call for those who are still listening for the call to get going and get involved with life once again. 
have found, through listening to
people in the work force and those who work at home raising children and running the household, that there are perhaps too many self help books that are so deep in their meaning that you have to read the material over and over again to understand the message, the vocabulary, the analysis.  I have used the A B C's of Life to  effect a  "jumpstart" to a better quality of life. In essence, I am helping you by opening a door that perhaps will lead you to do what is necessary for you to become your own person in a new and exciting manner.. 

      About The Author
For over thirty five years Louis Miranda has helped thousands of people free themselves from the bonds of physical, emotional and substance abuses. As a therapist and treatment director Mr. Miranda has continuously shown his excellent professional skills in helping people achieve their personal goals through therapy. His superior skills to enlighten people of their behavior and personality issues via lectures and seminars have led them to greater empowerment and achievement. Mr. Miranda has an intuitive grasp of human nature and behavior. People from all walks of life (professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, corporate executives, and just plain folks like himself) have been helped in attaining their quest for emotional freedom.
Kudos for Louis Miranda- the best there is - therapist, motivator, teacher, and "Great Friend".
Julianna Fiore, Ph.D.

Have you ever asked yourself:
Do I Have An Addiction?

Many people are caught up with telling themselves that they are not alcoholic or not addicted to drugs
because they do not “use” all the time.  The major question of questions is, “Do I have problems
or get into trouble when I use alcohol or drugs?”  Chances are that the answer is yes for you
or someone you know.
More questions you should ask yourself:
  1. Do I no longer have the drive or desire regarding my chosen profession due to alcohol and drugs?
  2. Do I hide my drinking and drugging from others?
  3. Am I filled with remorse, guilt and shame due to my drinking and drugging?
  4. Have I lost a job(s) due to my using?
  5. Have I just come out of addiction treatment and cannot stay clean and sober?
  6. Do my friends stay away from me due to my drinking and drugging?
  7. Have my boss or co-workers remarked about my job performance due to my drinking?
  8. Is drinking or “using” putting my business or professional standing in jeopardy?
  9. Has my family left me, kicked me out, or are they considering leaving me because of my drinking and drugging?
10. Am I beginning to compromise my own rules of when to drink or use drugs during the day or week?
11. What about my finances?  Are they, too, in the danger zone?
12. Do I make excuses when I come up short at work, at home, or in just being a responsible person?
13. Are there children or significant others that are being hurt by your alcoholism or drug addiction?    

If you have answered yes
to two or more of these questions you have the major problem of

We Are Able To Help the individual return to his family and bring together the fragmented family system to a whole entity,
a thriving and healthy group. We also help the “Executive” keep his job and excel again where he or she has been failing. 
We help the “Professional” singer, songwriter, actor or actress, producer, director return to the level of competency they thought
they could never again reach.  We help the “Professional Athlete” keep to his or her routine in order to function at the highest
possible level of their chosen sport.

For whom is The Miranda Group Sober Coach best suited?   
It is for the person who has experienced problems with loss of work, loss of family, loss of a loved one, loss of financial stability;
trouble with law enforcement, the judicial system, or any other normal everyday functions due to drinking or drugging.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking here about SAVING A LIFE, or in some cases saving the lives of those around you. 
You cannot “fix” the problem just by hoping it will go away without a plan of action.  Remember that the person who fails to plan,
plans to fail

We Can Help You or Your Loved One become that person that has been lost to drugs and/or alcohol abuse. 
We can teach the individual how to love themselves again and those around them. 

Hesitation can be fatal and the time to act is now.

The Miranda Group Sober Coaching
is dedicated to the preservation and confidential treatment of the individual who is suffering in their attempt to recapture their life -
free from substance abuse.  There are many who come out of treatment feeling lost in what they should do to maintain their recovery. 
Others are still filled with fear, guilt and remorse and find the temptation of alcohol or drugs just too strong to face alone. 
This is where The Miranda Group Sober Coaching comes into play.  We can help the individual gradually return to the routines of life
the use and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

The Miranda Group Sober Coaching staff has been helping individuals establish themselves back in the community
for over thirty five years
.  With various tested and proven therapeutic systems, The Miranda Group Sober Coaching staff has an
excellent track record of helping those suffering in early recovery help themselves become the persons they have been striving to be.

Call us for information regarding our “Sober Coaching” program.  We provide various
modalities that will “fit” your particular needs or schedule.

Our staff has over fifty years of recovery from alcohol and drugs and they bring their own
experiences to bear on the situation along with professional licensing.

·         We have a full time coach that will reside with the individual
and relate “all” that will be required to live a life free from
alcohol and drugs and find a new freedom never before imagined.

·         Interventions are available for those that feel this would be
the best course of action to help the “addict” into a treatment phase.

·         We have a “Daily Program,” for those that do not feel a full time
Sober Coach would be necessary at this time

·         We also provide a “Consultation Program” for corporations
looking to institute a helping tool for their associates and
employees suffering from the ravages of addiction.

·         We are dedicated to the individual’s dignity, confidentiality and
self esteem.  We work with one individual at a time.  Put yourself in
the hands of someone who has been there and learned the way
to sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Information -

Telephone:  (615)887-7687